Sun Protection During Spring?

Sun Protection During Spring?

The days are becoming longer and nature is starting to awaken from hibernation. The body yearns for some feel-good sun rays after the long, cold and dark winter months.

Mild temperatures and glistening sun rays lure us to step outside and enjoy some fresh air on the balcony, terrace or the park - finally feeling the warmth of the sun on our faces again!

However, the sun can be treacherous this time of year and make us forget that UV rays are indeed omnipresent. Our skin is particularly sensitive after winter and has an irritating reaction to sun rays.

The skin is low in pigments and thus highly photosensitive.

Light-induced collosity that is produced by the skin is lacking which makes the skin sensitive to UV rays.

The first signs of the skin being exposed to high UV radiation are:

  • slight redness
  • itchiness
  • hypersensitivity

It is advisable to let the skin adjust slowly to the sun-filled season. The higher the exposure to the skin, the more necessary it becomes to protect the skin. A general rule of thumb is: the paler the skin tone, the more sensitive the skin is to the effects of the sun.

Our tip: Protect your skin with sunscreen so as to not give premature skin aging and sun damage a chance!