Do's And Don'ts For Acne

Do's And Don'ts For Acne

Helpful tips for dealing with young, blemished skin:

Here are a few facts that can help you treat blemished skin:

Stay healthy!

  • Milk, for example, contains androgens and other non-steroidal growth factors. All of these substances can promote fat synthesis in sebum. It has been scientifically proven that test subjects who suffered from moderate to severe acne saw significant improvements in their skin after a long break from milk.
  • Sugar increases the level of insulin in the bloodstream. Sugar is not a bad thing in itself and is important for energy intake. However, too much sugar can lead to increased sebum formation in the long run and create the perfect breeding ground for blemished skin.

To put it simply, being mindful of what we put into our bodies can affect the way our skin looks. However, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a milkshake once in a while.

Acne-prone skin does not love:

  • Mattifying products: If possible, avoid products with a mattifying effect, because that tends to be counterproductive! Your skin needs a certain layer of oil in order to be protected from environmental influences such as cold, heat, germs and chemical substances. In addition, these products are usually very aggressive and irritate the skin.
  • Overly aggressive care products: Mostly marketed as "anti-pimple” products, some of these care products are often too aggressive tend to severely dry out the skin. Make sure your care products are fragrance-free, water-based, and gentle on the skin. If your skin is already very irritated, it needs a lot of moisture, but if you experience a burning sensation after applying a product, further use is strongly discouraged!
  • Rich creams or lotions: These are more suitable for more mature skin types or very dry skin! For acne-prone skin, we recommend light gel creams.
  • Excess cleansing: Regularly washing is important to prevent bacteria from building up, however, harsh scrubbing and an excess of skincare products can irritate the healthy skin barrier. The result is more pimples and irritation. Remember: After cleaning, there should be no feeling of tightness! Always dry your face with a clean towel and wash your towels regularly at 60°C.
  • Expressing pimples: Use special anti-pimple sticks or pastes that are really only used on the spot itself. These inhibit the inflammation and let the pimple subside quickly. If you pick at the pimple, you are likely to destroy small blood vessels, and can cause acne scars!

If you are suffering from persistent acne, it is always best to consult a specialist, so that you can adjust your care accordingly! Every body is different and our skin is no exception.

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