Christmas Time - Small But Mighty!

Christmas Time - Small But Mighty!

Small gifts with a lot of thought

“Let's not exchange gifts this year” - a well-known saying that is never kept. The principle of giving is as old as humanity itself and is simply part of human culture. Unfortunately, in our affluent society, we have completely forgotten the real purpose of giving, and every year, usually a week before December 24th, we quickly plunge into the fray to find presents for all of our loved ones.

If we don't have a present for a friend or a rarely seen relative, we have a bad conscience. Others no longer give much thought to whether the recipient likes the gift at all - it's really just a matter of filling the space under the Christmas tree with as many packages as possible. However, we believe that this is exactly the wrong approach.

That's why we're giving you a few little tips here on what you can give your loved ones with little money, but lots of thought.

  • Nail varnish or lipstick:

Give a bright nail varnish or a really nice lipstick along with an invitation to an event/ball/party next year! Often a thought or a small gesture is enough as a symbol of time spent together. In this way, you can bring great joy with a small, often not at all expensive gift.

  • Blister plasters:

Sounds strange and unromantic at first. But, this year, do without a useless gift that ends up gathering dust in the closet anyway and take the person you love on a short hiking tour or go cycling together, with the blister plasters as a symbol of the time spent together.

  • Brush:

Yes, vouchers are impersonal, but aren't we all looking forward to a really great visit to the hairdresser? Give loved ones a feel-good treatment at their favourite hairdresser: symbolically wrap a brush together with the voucher to make a nice gift.

  • Nappies:

New mums know that the supply of diapers and wet wipes can never be big enough! This Christmas, fill a big box with all the things you need for the nappy changing station, for the new parents in your life. In addition, the gift highlight: babysitting for a few hours so that they can treat themselves to a little break. Just knowing that there is someone out there who can take your child off your hands for a couple of hours can brighten up a lot of spirits and is a lot of fun!

These are just a few examples of how you can achieve a lot with only a little. Usually, people love small, thoughtful gifts than more materially valuable things!