Hair Colour Trend 2022 - "Fantasy"

Hair Colour Trend 2022 - "Fantasy"

Spring is full of life and stunning colours, bring a little of that inspiration to your locks!

Just a few highlights in the hair make for a total visual change and instantly brighten up any look. Washable hair colours or hair chalk are just the thing, especially for beginners who have not tried such wild colours before!

Which colour suits me and what works best?

To put it simply, the colours in your hair have the same effect on your skin tone as your make-up. In other words, there are colours that don't suit you at all and others that will flatter your skin tone. In addition, the base colour of your hair is also crucial, because the rule of thumb applies to highlights in the hair: the lighter your hair, the more striking the colours will appear. In other words, the trend colour "oyster blond" (platinum blond with a grey cast) in combination with pastel colours or even very flashy pink or blue tones pair very well!

If you have dark hair, we recommend that you first have your hairdresser professionally bleach the areas where you would like to have the highlights (we strongly advise against trying it yourself, as the back of the head usually gets blotchy!).

The cool thing about washable colours is that after just a few washes, you can try something completely different. Beauty addicts who are keen on experimenting will find this an excellent choice, as many well-known Youtubers (Naomi Jon, for example) prove again and again!

  • Tip for pastels: just mix the base colour with some conditioner until you get the shade you want.

Dare to be bold!