Spring Make-Up Trends

Spring Make-Up Trends

One thing is for certain: lots of powder, matte foundations, thickly applied contouring, and heavy eye make-up are definitely not popular this year. But don't worry, you'll still find a small splash of colour on the face! We're here to let you in on the big trends for spring and summer.

Dewy complexion:
In Asia especially, this trend has long been an integral part of the classic make-up routine. “Dewy complexion” actually means nothing more than to help the skin appear as healthy and fresh as possible: the goal is a subtle sheen. Your skin should glow as if you just used a refreshing, moisturising mask.

Here's how it works: Prepare your skin well and use moisturising cream, followed by a tinted BB cream. The basic rule is: less is more!
It is best to use concealer to cover any darker areas, but don't use powder, as this will hide the natural glow of your skin. Highlighter is an absolute must for a dewy complexion! Creamy textures that skillfully highlight areas such as the cheekbones, the cupid's bow above the upper lip, or the tip of the nose are best. A lip balm or a transparent lip gloss is usually sufficient for the lips.

Matte red lips:
In addition to the “no make-up look”, red lipsticks are making a big comeback. Intense, matte red tones are combined with very subtle eye make-up (a little mascara), defined eyebrows are enough. The focus should be on the lips.

Eyeliner in a wide variety of shapes and colours:
Many people prefer to emphasize their eyes rather than wearing bright shades of lipstick. Eyeliner to the rescue! Different shapes and colours, whether an extravagant blue wing, a fancy red flick, or black dots, there are no limits to creativity. It is only important that the rest of the make-up stays in the background. Use only a little powder or blush and go without a full coverage foundation. A creamy highlighter to deliberately highlight your cheeks is a nice addition. Add a touch of mascara to the lashes and you're ready to go!