Nail Polish Tips and Tricks

Nail Polish Tips and Tricks

Here are a few quick tips for quick and easy, perfectly manicured nails.

Step 1: Clean and Remove

When your nail varnish starts to chip, it is time to remove it properly. Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and press it onto the nail. Let the cotton pad work on the nail for about 5 minutes. This way you avoid annoying rubbing back and forth, and the paint is so much easier to remove. Afterwards, take a foot bath to soften the cuticles.

Step 2: Cuticles

After your relaxing foot bath, you will find that your skin is softer and easier to work with. You should be particularly careful when cutting cuticles, only use clean cuticle clippers and not nail scissors! Always work with a sanitised manicure kit. Dirty tools can lead to skin inflammation and infection. If you aren't used to removing the cuticle yourself, it's best to let a professional do it. However, you can always push the skin back with a cuticle pusher or orange stick.

Step 3: Protect Your Nail

Now that your nails have been cleaned and excess skin removed, you can begin painting. Use a base coat to protect your nail - this not only protects against discolouration (e.g. with red tones), but also prevents the nail from becoming brittle. In addition, this creates a smooth surface for the next coat.

Step 4: Paint Without Bubbles or Bumps?

It is best to brush forwards in straight strokes, starting from the nail bed. Let the first coat of paint dry well. Apply a second layer for a more intense colour. If you apply thin layers and let them dry properly, you will prevent the formation of small bubbles or lumps. Bubbles only appear if the lower layer of the nail varnish has not dried properly or if the nail polish is past its expiration date.

Step 5: Topcoat

Fresh nail varnish is particularly prone to scratches. With the topcoat, you seal the varnish and get a really nice gel effect. You can of course apply a second layer of the topcoat for extra wear. Don't forget to paint the tip of the nail: this will prevent the varnish from chipping off quickly.

Step 6: Take Care of The Cuticles

Only after the varnish has dried well, should you use nail oil or hand cream to care for the cuticle.

Beauty Hack: Self-Made Nail Polish

Can't find the right nail varnish shade to match your favourite eyeshadow? No problem, just create your own nail polish! Mix a little bit of powdered eyeshadow with clear lacquer! For lacquers with a matte look, simply add a little cornstarch.