Perfume Facts Worth Knowing

Perfume Facts Worth Knowing

Your choice of perfume can have a lot to say about your personality! Whether you love subtle floral scents, or strong, sensual fragrances, here are some tips about perfume you may find interesting!

  • Spray your perfume on after your shower! When your skin is cleansed and moisturized (e.g. with your favourite lotion), the perfume can last longer. Freshly hydrated skin absorbs scent better and you can extend the shelf life of your perfume!

  • DO NOT use perfume on your hair. Most perfumes contain alcohol, which can lead to dryness if used frequently.

  • Never rub perfume with your wrists! This is a common mistake - rubbing the scent between your wrists increases the interaction of the scent with the natural oils on your skin. This can lead to a breakdown of the scent.

  • Your girlfriend's scent doesn't smell as good on your skin as it does on her? This could be due to a difference in your skins pH levels. Many factors, such as sweat production or diet, can play a role.

  • Less is more! Supposedly Cleopatra had the sails of their ships soaked in perfume so that their imminent arrival could be smelled as far as Rome! Now, it is an absolute no-go to leave a thick cloud of scent behind you. No matter which perfume you use, always use it discreetly, because your friends and colleagues experience fragrances differently than you!

  • Men's fragrances aren't just for men. Research has suggested that a third of the men's fragrances sold are in fact worn by women.

  • Take a “smell break”. We are happy to test several perfumes while shopping and discover new fragrance compositions. After a while, however, you may get the feeling that every scent smells the same. Tip: The small bowl filled with coffee beans near the display is not only for decoration. The smell of the coffee beans can help to neutralize the scent of perfumes in your nose, so take a quick break from fragrance shopping and breathe in the lovely scent of coffee instead! Afterwards, you can get back to finding your signature scent.