Solid & Reliable! Beauty Bars For Skin & Hair

Solid & Reliable! Beauty Bars For Skin & Hair

So what makes these handy bars to popular? They are more environmentally friendly than their traditional counterparts. The trend towards more environmental awareness and sustainability won't be ending any time soon, and that's a good thing. Many manufacturers are reacting to the increased demand and are adapting their range with plastic-free alternatives. Especially in the hair sector, the selection for solid, plastic-free shampoo is now enormous you can find options for every hair type.

The second generation of solid care products, with new recipes and can hardly be compared with conventional soaps. Thanks to mild ingredients and plastic-free packaging, solid soaps and shampoos are real sustainability stars. And not only are they good for your skin and hair, but thanks to their size, they are practical for on the go and require little space in your luggage.

Storage and Hygiene

Always remember to always rinse the soap well before use. Humid environments in particular are an absolute paradise for bacteria, so try to always keep the bar in a soap dish, ideally with drainage holes. This also helps the bar last longer.

Try this!

Terra Naturi's Grapefruit Solid Body Wash is suitable for all skin types and gently cleanses your skin. Refreshing organic grapefruit and invigorating organic basil make every shower an experience. Shea butter and almond oil from organic cultivation ensure that the skin feels soft afterwards.