Here are the Autumn Trends for 2021!

Here are the Autumn Trends for 2021!

At this time last year, the world seemed to be in hibernation: No fun celebrations, events, concerts, or cosy evenings with friends. Current beauty trends seemed completely uninteresting. After countless days of home-office/homeschooling, thousands of hours of Netflix, and countless new pairs of jogging bottoms, we long to get dressed up and go out again! Thanks to the continuous progress of Covid-19 vaccinations, there is hope to return to “normal” life. Let us help you find the hottest beauty trends for autumn 2021!

Edgy black eyeliner!

As our masks remain close companions, the more focus is on the eyes! This year's Dior and Chanel were dominated by a capricious teenage spirit- that is to say, eyes lined with black eyeliner! The tried and tested Winged Liner (i.e. the cat-eye), which was particularly popular in the 1960s, is enjoying great popularity again this year!

From minimalist to bright red

One of the biggest beauty trends in 2021 is minimalism - less foundation and mascara, and more focus on skincare. That doesn't mean you can't have fun from time to time, though! Typical autumn colours such as red, brown, and yellow can be seen in all fashion collections. Red lips are making a huge return, albeit underneath our masks! NYX Cosmetics, for example, offers fall inspiration with ultra long-lasting, bright colours, with a matte or super glossy finish - so no need to worry about your mask smudging your lipstick!

Bye-bye long hair!

This year short hairstyles are back! The timeless bob is this year's catwalk trend. The classic “French girl cut” with straight-across fringe and an angular cut perfectly rounds out the autumn look.

The hottest hair colours

Natural hair colour is making a comeback this year and will be optimized with defined highlights. Techniques such as dip-dying and balayage are absolutely trendy again this year. The colours are very natural, with soft gradients. This allows you to let your hair grow back naturally. Your roots won't be so noticeable, so you no longer have to worry about frequent touch-ups.

On the whole, we can say that autumn is all about natural beauty. But trend or not, we are of the opinion: Everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin!

Those who feel good, look good! <3