myRapunzel! - And so the nightmare became a fairy tale!

myRapunzel! - And so the nightmare became a fairy tale!

Once Upon A Time...

myRapunzel founder Fjolla shares “Due to the chemical ingredients in my previous hair care products, I suffered from an extremely severe scalp infection a few years ago and was under medical treatment for a long time. This excruciatingly painful nightmare caused extreme hair loss and I lost a quarter of my long hair!”. It was precisely this experience that shaped the founder so much that she decided to create her own hair care products; namely, those that you can trust without hesitation or fear of harmful side effects.

What's in the potion?

myRapunzel only uses natural and health-friendly ingredients that do not harm hair or health in any way. The founder attaches particular importance to regionality and sustainability and obtains her raw materials from a certified organic farm in Austria. In order to preserve the contained nutrients in the best possible way, all ingredients are processed only minimally and gently. In addition, production was relocated to Austria to avoid long transport routes from Germany.

Together with her team, Fjolla makes her customers a very special promise and sticks to it: high-quality products with natural ingredients that contain exactly what your hair needs - without any compromises!

  • Free from parabens, sulfates, DEA (diethanolamines), MEA (monoethanolamines) and TEA (triethanolamines)
  • No hormonally active ingredients
  • No synthetic fragrances and colours
  • Cold-pressed natural oils to preserve nutrients
  • Free from animal testing
  • All ingredients are environmentally friendly and biodegradable

PETA Vegan Beauty Awards

In 2021, the unique company received the PETA Vegan Beauty Award in the “Best Hair Care” category!

“myRapunzel shows in an exemplary manner that animal ingredients and animal testing are a thing of the past and that it is possible to create vegan, modern and effective products. We hope many more companies will be inspired by this pioneering work.”

– PETA | Germany

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