Lip Care - A Few Tips For the Softest Lips!

Lip Care - A Few Tips For the Softest Lips!

Do you repeatedly suffer from dry and chapped lips? The following tips will help you restore moisture.

While the skin on our lips is naturally thinner and drier, wind and weather, UV radiation, or very low temperatures also put a strain on the fine skin of our lips.

It is, for these reasons, we must care for our lips regularly! Also try to stay hydrated, because if the fluid balance is not right, the lips will also dry quickly.

Tip 1: lip exfoliation

Before you start normal lip care, it is a good idea to remove flakey skin first. Try using a lip scrub, based on sugar. Our favourite: essence Coconut kiss caring lip scrub.

Tip 2: a lip mask from your own kitchen?

You can easily make a lip mask at home. Simply mix a little honey and yoghurt together and let the mixture work for about 10-15 minutes. Honey has a calming effect and is even anti-inflammatory while yoghurt cools and provides moisture. You can also use coconut or olive oil; these two in combination are a real treat for your lips.

ATTENTION: Use the homemade lip mask only on healthy lips. Injuries or inflamed areas such as herpes should be treated separately! Due to the lactic acid contained in yoghurt, herpes can grow faster and take longer to heal.

Tip 3: UV protection for the lips?

Yes! Even our lips need sunscreen! Often the whole body and face are dutifully protected during hiking tours or on a summer vacation on the beach, but the lips are often forgotten. There are now countless lip care products made specifically for sun protection, such as the “Sun & After Set” from Labello.

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Tip 4: lip care

And, now comes the real maintenance.

There are already countless variations of lip balms and butters. It is important to make sure that the care product does not contain synthetic oils, as these do more harm than good. Lip care products with shea butter, jojoba oil, and beeswax are ideal. Any nourishing lip balm is a win in our book!