Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Halloween doesn't come from the USA, as many might think, but from Europe. However, the Celtic festival, which was mainly celebrated in Scotland and Ireland, no longer has much to do with today's Halloween.

Halloween, as we know it today, was specifically made famous by Hollywood in the 80s. Horror films, scary costumes and candy collecting make the festival so popular. In Europe however, this hair-raising holiday has not yet found its footing (outside of the English-speaking countries), but gains popularity each year.

If you're in the mood for some bone-chilling, ghostly fun, then we have a few last-minute tips on how you can set up a cool and creepy party quickly and easily.

  • Make-up: You can conjure up really creative, scary make-up with very little. All you really need is a very light foundation or white carnival make-up and dark eyeshadow.

  • Halloween snacks: You can create devilishly delicious snacks for your party with little effort. Bananas and tangerines quickly turn into little pumpkins and ghosts. You can easily form puff pastry sticks into slithering snakes and muffins into bats with Oreo biscuits.

Handicraft ideas: Children, in particular, are particularly enthusiastic about the scariest day of the year. You can recycle very simple household or natural materials for crafts.

  • A simple toilet paper roll is the basis for many great ideas. Together with your kids, you can easily transform the toilet paper rolls into eerie shapes.

  • An old pickle jar makes for a perfect mummy tea light holder. Just wrap an old gauze bandage all around, stick on some googly eyes, put a tea light in it and your creepy mummy is ready.

  • Go outside and find some beautiful, colourful autumn leaves, in a few simple steps, you can turn them into pale ghosts. All you need is a bit of opaque white paint, and a black marker.