Winter-proof Your Make-up

Winter-proof Your Make-up

Winter can be particularly strenuous for our skin; Dry air can take a toll and ruin our make-up. But, do not fret! Our tips and tricks stand the test of anything winter might throw our way.

No more lifeless, dehydrated skin

In the depths of winter, we might see dry patches appearing on the surface of the skin. This results in a lacklustre complexion no matter how much make-up we apply. To restore a wonderful glow to the visage, exfoliate the skin with a gentle scrub once a week to lift dead skin cells for a more radiant appearance. Follow up with a layer of moisturising cream while the skin is still damp. Be sure that your skin is supplied with hydration from within by maintaining your water intake.

Gentle cleansing

When the skin begins to take on an unpleasantly taut and parched feeling it's time to change up your cleansing routine. Swap from a sudsy cleanser to a more mild formula that will be less aggressive on the skin and not strip it of its natural oils. Lightly massage the cleanser into the skin then gently remove it with a facecloth or cotton pads. If this does not help, consider investing in a humidifier so that the skin does not lose too much moisture.

Moisture is key

Heavy foundation can smudge because of rain and snow, which accentuates any dry patches on the skin. To prevent this from happening, mix foundation and moisturiser in equal parts or opt for a tinted moisturiser instead.

Don’t forget your sunscreen

Many people skip this step during winter, but remember, the sun never takes a break - not even during the colder months of the year. Skin-damaging UV rays are present all year round. If you factor in the light-reflecting properties of snow (and outdoor activities, such as skiing), it becomes clear that incorporating winter sun protection into your beauty regimen is vital! Shield your skin against the harmful effects of UV rays by applying sunscreen to the face on a daily basis. A minimum SPF of 30 is recommended no matter what season we find ourselves in.

Protect yourself against strong winds

With winter come strong winds, which can be icy cold - not a great ingredient for a glowing complexion. Create a barrier between your face and the wind by reaching for a rich, extra-moisturising cream or balm. For added protection, wear a jacket or coat with a hood. Alternatively, wrap a scarf around your neck and pop on a cute hat or beanie.

Reduce redness

Icy winds and the cold can cause our skin to become red and a green-tinted moisturiser can help neutralise this redness. If the redness is limited to only a few select areas, simply colour correct these areas. Moisturising creams with soothing ingredients may also reduce the appearance of redness.

Eye make-up that stays put

Wind, snow and even hail can ruin our make-up. Combat smudging by applying a waterproof mascara and using eyeliner and eyeshadow on the upper lid only. This minimises the risk of make-up smearing on your face while you're out in the elements.

Counteract flakey skin

Use nourishing and rich moisturising masks (or night cream) for 5 to 15 minutes on dry and flakey skin. Gently pat a tissue or soft cloth on the skin to absorb any excess product before retiring for bed.

Fading make-up, adieu

Do you often find make up stains on your jackets, scarves and hats? Try setting your make-up with a translucent compact powder to prevent this from happening. A compact powder is less messy than a loose powder and may help your make-up to stay put.

Lip care

If you are prone to chapped during winter, it is advisable to wear a tinted lip balm that also offers UV protection. Alternatively, people who do not suffer from chapped and flaky lips can opt for a moisturising lip balm instead. Avoid matte or long-wear lipsticks at all costs since these dehydrate the lips even further.

Freshen up your complexion

Swipe a soft, peach-toned (for fair skin) or warm, terracotta (for deeper skin tones) blush over your cheeks for a healthy-looking, rosy complexion. Blend the product toward your cheekbones.