Beauty Test: ELVIVE Hydra Hyaluronic

Beauty Test: ELVIVE Hydra Hyaluronic

Our testers:

May we introduce: Sonja, Jezzi and Sabine were so nice and answered three small questions briefly and concisely:

  1. My hair type:
  2. This is what I liked about the series and I noticed this effect immediately:
  3. I didn't like this:

(All testers received 1x shampoo, 1x conditioner, 1x hair mask and 1x moisturising serum from the Hydra Hyaluronic series)

Here are their answers:


  1. Long, dyed hair, slightly damaged
  2. Great design, the hair is easy to comb, it doesn't weigh you down, simply great value for money!
  3. The hair could smell more afterwards (but it's really only a small defect)


  1. My hair is long and thick with lots of volume. It is also curly with dry and damaged ends.
  2. What I liked best about using this series was that I could go out without having to do any complicated styling. I felt the effect immediately. My hair was softer than ever.
  3. What I didn't like is that this effect doesn't last longer. After just a few days my hair was dry again. Immediately after using the series, my hair also felt significantly more voluminous, which I don't want because I already have very thick hair. But I was able to tame the volume again with a hair oil from L'Oreal.

My conclusion: This series is super cool! I especially liked the moisturising serum. I recommend this to all those who have dry hair like me and want to leave the house without having to style it.


  1. Short, fine, dry hair.
  2. My hair is fresher and doesn't get greasy as quickly. Subtle, pleasant scent.
  3. Great series, I can only recommend it. (Nothing to complain about.)

General conclusion:

The oh feliz editors agree: the series generally does what it promises, it cares and ensures easy combing. An important factor is also the volume effect. In other words, the series is less suitable for women or men with very thick hair who may want to achieve less volume and more suppleness. In contrast to the other ELVIVE products, the scent is also rather reserved (which some people will definitely like).

We would like to thank all participants for the honest answers and look forward to further product tests!

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